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OBD0 DPFI to MPFI Comparison Pinouts

Pin#Wire ColorFunctionWire ColorFunction
A1Yellow 2Aux InjectorBrown#1 Injector
A2Black 1Main Relay/GroundBlack 1Main Relay/Ground
A3Yellow 1Aux InjectorRed#2 Injector
A4Black 2Main Relay/GroundBlack 2Main Relay/Ground
A5Red 2Main InjectorLight Blue#3 Injector
A6GreenPurge Cut Off Solenoid Valve (Coil)GreenPurge Cut Off Solenoid Valve (Coil)
A7Red 1Main InjectorYellow 1#4 Injector
A8Yellow 3Sedan LX A/T
A10RedEGR Solenoid Control Valve (Coil) (A/T only)
A11Blue/YellowEACV (Coil)Blue/YellowEACV (Coil)
A12Green/Black 2Main RelayGreen/Black 2Main Relay
A13Yellow/Black 2Main RelayYellow/Black 2Main Relay/Injector Resistor Box
A14Green/Black 1Main RelayGreen/Black 1Main Relay
A15Yellow/Black 1Main RelayYellow/Black 1Main Relay/Injector Resistor Box
Pin#Wire ColorFunctionWire ColorFunction
B1White/GreenHazard FuseWhite/GreenHazard Fuse
B2OrangeTandem Control Solenoid ValveBlue 1Fast Idle Control Solenoid Valve
B3YellowA/C Clutch RelayYellowA/C Clutch Relay
B4Yellow/GreenRadiator Fan RelayYellow/GreenRadiator Fan Relay
B6Green/OrangeCheck Engine Warning LightGreen/OrangeCheck Engine Warning Light
B7Green/OrangeA/T Shift Position Console Switch (Park, Neutral)
B8Blue/RedA/C SwitchBlue/RedA/C Switch
B10OrangeCrank Angle Sensor
B11Green/BlackA/T Shift Position Console Switch (Drive)
B12WhiteCrank Angle Sensor
B13Blue WhiteMain RelayBlue WhiteMain Relay
B14Blue 2To Yellow, To AlternatorBlue 2Alternator
B15White 1Ignitor UnitWhite 1Ignitor Unit
B16Yellow/RedSpeed SensorYellow/RedSpeed Sensor
B17White 2Ignitor UnitWhite 2Ignitor Unit
B19Green/RedElectric Load DetectorGreen/RedElectric Load Detector
B20BrownIgnition Timing Adjusting ConnectorBrownIgnition Timing Adjusting Connector
Pin#Wire ColorFunctionWire ColorFunction
C1OrangeCrank Angle SensorBlue/GreenCylinder Position Sensor
C2White 4Crank Angle SensorBlue/YellowCylinder Position Sensor
C3Orange/BlueTDC SensorOrange/BlueTDC Sensor
C4White/BlueTDC SensorWhite/BlueTDC Sensor
C5Red/YellowTA SensorRed/YellowTA Sensor
C6Red/White 1TW SensorRed/White 1TW Sensor
C7Red/BlueThrottle (Position) Angle Sensor (TPS)Red/BlueThrottle (Position) Angle Sensor (TPS)
C8YellowEGR Lift Valve Sensor
C9Red/White 2PA SensorRed/White 2PA Sensor
C10Green/White 3Brake SwitchGreen/White 3Brake Switch
C11White 1MAP SensorWhite 1MAP Sensor
C12Green/White 2EGR Lift Valve Sensor/Pa Sensor/Ignition Timing Adjusting Connector/TA Sensor/TPS Sensor/TW SensorGreen White 2Pa Sensor/Ignition Timing Adjusting Connector/TA Sensor/TPS Sensor/TW Sensor
C13Yellow/WhiteEGR Lift Valve Sensor/Pa Sensor/TPS SensorYellow/WhitePa Sensor/TPS Sensor
C14Green/White 1MAP SensorGreen/White 1MAP Sensor
C15Yellow/RedMAP SensorYellow/RedMAP Sensor
C16White 3O2 SensorWhite 3O2 Sensor